Pigment Schoco (5.4)

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Pigment Schoco (5.4)


Pigment for micropigmentation

Sterilized in gamma rays

Factory sealed packing (05ml)

Comes with box and package leaflet


DURABILITY: 6 months or until the skin complete the process of phagocytosis.

WAYS TO USE: Every intradermal procedure in the extension of the dermis.

FIXING: As the pigments are micronized, having smaller particles, they guarantee greater fixation. The particles size of each pigment are controlled batch to batch to ensure excellent penetrations and fixation on all skin types.



The products of Natural Pigment conform to the requirements of ANVISA for implantable products on the skin. This conformity is translated into high-grade safety products for customers with biological evaluation of toxicity, allergic reactions and purity.


The products of Natural Pigment are manufactured from raw materials of superior purity and without alcohols, in addition to non-toxic synthetic organic pigments. We guarantee products with perfect particle size and texture for dermopigmentation and a variety of colors for different skin phototypes. As a result, we ensure ease of application of the products through the different techniques of dermopigmentation with high skin cover and vibrant colors. As a result, we ensure ease application of the products through the different techniques of dermopigmentation with high skin cover and vibrant colors.  



All batches of products are produced under strict quality control, under the system of Good Manufacturing Practice evaluated by ANVISA, from the acquisition of raw materials to the final product, guaranteeing color reproduction for the different batches and absence of contamination.